Val Relaxing at the Old Cataract Hotel - Aswan - December 2017

Val relaxing by the Nile at the Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan. There is a tribute here to famous Egyptian actor, Omar Sharif. Omar Sharif loved to visit this hotel.

Val At Cairo Opera House - December 2017

Val at the Saqqara Pyramids at the beginning of her visit to Egypt.
Photo of Val at Cairo Opera House in December 2017.

The Live Literature Company has been invited to perform in Egypt. Val visited there to do further research about a possible visit, and also travelled visiting the beautiful and fascinating historic sites in Egypt.

Lucy Casson, Live Lit Co Performer Welcomes New Baby, Ferdinand

Live Lit Co performer, Lucy Casson with her baby Ferdinand. Val and Lucy met up at the Young Vic with beautiful Ferdinand soon after he was born. Congratulations Lucy!