Shakespeare in the Abbey - 26 April 2018

Shakespeare in the Abbey

Val attended Shakespeare in the Abbey, run by Shakespeare's Globe Theatre at the end of April 2018. Mark Rylance spoke Sonnet 17 sotto voce about 2 inches away from Val's ear. This was a very enjoyable experience!

Mimi Doulton's Singing Recital - February 2018

Image above: Mimi Doulton 

Val attended her niece's contemporary music singing recital at the St George The Martyr Church in Borough. Her niece, Mimi Doulton graduates as an opera singer from the Guildhall School of Music this Summer 2018.

Val has been to this church before under very sad circumstances to attend the funeral of Sarah Wheeler, the founder of the Mental Fight Club which meets in the Crypt of this church. Sarah founded this wonderful group and had a great love of the work of William Blake. So many of us who have done work focused on Blake came to know her through this.

Val At Cairo Opera House - December 2017

Val at the Saqqara Pyramids at the beginning of her visit to Egypt.
Photo of Val at Cairo Opera House in December 2017.

The Live Literature Company has been invited to perform in Egypt. Val visited there to do further research about a possible visit, and also travelled visiting the beautiful and fascinating historic sites in Egypt.

Lucy Casson, Live Lit Co Performer Welcomes New Baby, Ferdinand

Live Lit Co performer, Lucy Casson with her baby Ferdinand. Val and Lucy met up at the Young Vic with beautiful Ferdinand soon after he was born. Congratulations Lucy !

In Remembrance Recital At The National Portrait Gallery - November 2017

From left to right Tessa Uys, pianist, Richard Hansell, Seiriol Tomos,
Dave Fishley, Gregory Cox, in our 'In Remembrance' performance at
The National Portrait Gallery, November 12 2017. The programme was
devised and directed by Val.

A number of people who had attended the commemoration at the Cenotaph in the morning, came on to our very successful performance that afternoon, it was very moving to see them in our audience that day. The visual image in the background is the frontispiece David Jones painted for his wonderful prose poem on the first world war 'In Parenthesis', these words formed much of our recital that day with other war poetry and song.

Westend Extra Article on War Poets Recital at National Portrait Gallery - November 2017

Westend Extra article on our War Poets recital at the National Portrait Gallery. published first week of November 2017.