Val With Alexandra And Scott At Brown's For A Celebration Tea - July 2017

Val with Alexandra and Scott at Brown's

Val took Alexandra and Scott to Brown's for a celebration tea in July 2017, to thank them for all their support and help running the Study Abroad at Anglo Educational. This is the study centre, the Niagara University Drama students take most of their classes at each Summer.

'Much About Nothing in One Hour' with LLC at Shakespeare's School Room - July 2017

Val with visitors from the United Arab Emirates who were in the
audience for Live Lit Co's performance of 'Much About Nothing in One Hour'.
One of the children is disabled and loved the performance so much
that his mother brought him back the next day.

The Live Lit Co performed 'Much About Nothing in One Hour' at Shakespeare's Schoolroom, Stratford-upon-Avon in July 3rd this Summer. It was performed by students from Niagara University USA, who Val worked with to prepare the performance. The play was adapted and directed by Val Doulton.