Live Lit Co supports campaign for Climate Change

Above photo Val took of Emma Thompson speaking to the crowds
outside the Houses of Parliament.

Val joined the crowds for the September 2014 Climate Change London march.

The Live Literature Company has been a long supporter of this issue. Click here to see The Live Literature Company's Summer Party page for our message from the Director of Friends of the Earth.

The next Climate Change march in London will be tomorrow Sunday 29th November 2015.

Lord Desai speaks on the Indian Constitution

Lord Desai speaking on the Indian Constitution

Val was invited to hear Lord Desai (pictured above) speak on the Indian Constitution at the High Commission of India in London.

His very lucid talk was followed by questions from the audience. Lord Desai explained to one questioner that it is not legal for the Indian caste system to be practiced in the UK.

One of Val’s Public Speaking students from Birkbeck was in the audience, and Val was delighted to hear from him about the launch of his company, Speaking English Well.

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